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go to site CRUSTAL STORMS OF CONTINENTAL/PLANETARY SCALE see - Earth's battery and Earth's electrocardiogram, internal state, structure, and time variation, endogenous energy production and release, the role of solar follow url modulation, and the "French Revolution" jerk -
source Giovanni P. GREGORI here IDASC - Istituto di Acustica e Sensoristica O. M. Corbino (CNR), click IEVPC - International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center, premier message de contact sur un site de rencontre S.M.E. - Security, Materials, Environment, s.r.l. – Roma, ; ICES - International Centre for Earth's Sciences
Crustal storms are a continental or almost planetary scale phenomenon. Their explanation can be given, however, in the framework of a general and improved geodynamic rationale. A very short description is here given of the geodynamic implications of a long study, which is presently in the stage of final editing. In particular, a feature is stressed dealing with the structure and temporal evolution of the inner core. Its reasonably guessed state is (perhaps) proven by some peculiar and otherwise unexplained feature of the geomagnetic secular variation. A significant test for the model here proposed ought to rely on a worldwide monitoring array of crustal stress propagation and temporal evolution. This could be, maybe, most simply carried out by acoustic emission (AE) techniques. But, even better, AE ought to be part of a general and improved multiparametric approach, although this item cannot be here discussed.
Keywords: Earth's endogenous energy production and release, Earth's battery and Earth's electrocardiogram, internal state, structure and time variation, the role of solar modulation, geomagnetic jerks, global tectonics, warm mud tectonics, crustal storms Reduce to six